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A complete web based solution!

Asset Masters

Seamlessly maintain every detail of the assets of the company with Asset Masters.

Requests and Aprovals

Manual Requests and Approvals for adding assets and transferring from one location to the other is just a thing of the past.

Live Activity Feeds

Get the live feed from assets that you wish to follow through.

Warranty and Insurance

Don’t worry of missing details about warranty and insurance of the assets. It's just that easy in SmartAMS!


Control and manage your assets from multiple locations without moving from your desk.

Maintenance and Schedule

Now schedule your maintenance activities or set reminders or cater to a maintenance request.


Break the language barrier! Set your own preferred language!

Import and Export

Support for importing or exporting asset data in pre-defined formats!

Transfer Assets

Moving your assets between locations? Track all the movements of your assets with SmartAMS!

Disposal Process

Dragging on unwanted baggage? Dispose and maintain the log in an easiest way possible!


Assists in physical audit and reconciliation of the assets.


Facility to integrate third-party tool with SmartAMS through API.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Industries / Companies are required to keep service and maintenance records for liability or for insurance purposes. Asset management also tracks purchase and depreciation.
Yes, you can. Your asset tracking software works with any barcode scanner that is compatible with your computer device. You can use the scanner to scan barcodes to display the asset information.
You can use your asset tracking system to conduct routine audits of all equipment. By conducting a regular scan of equipment, you can rapidly identify missing assets.
Yes. You can use as many different devices as you wish and because there's no software to install, your asset tracking system is always available no matter where you are.
No, Asset tracking software works in all standard web browsers on all common devices including PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are no apps to download and install so you can be up and running in minutes without costly IT support.
Most people will be able to scan them. For people who are unsure what to do, the barcode can be entered directly on the website to track the asset details.
QR codes are small, square bar codes that can store more information than traditional linear bar codes. They can be quickly scanned by smart phones, tablets and other electronics.
No. The web-based Asset Tracking software will work with many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and others.
Yes. With our stand alone asset tracking product, you have the web interface that allows you do to anything you need to, make edits, create assets, all without using a handheld of any type.
Yes. You will get e-Mail and SMS notifications if there are any changes happened in asset tracking system.