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An Open-Source Practice Management Solution!

OpenEMR is an open-source practice management solution. It allows clinics to centralize their records, calendars and financials. They can communicate with patients and receive files and forms in-platform. It supports lab integration, prescription fulfilling and report generating. A clinic decision rules engine helps physicians make treatment decisions based on patient algorithms.

A community of developers help to implement new features and develop new code to keep it up to date and viable. It is Meaningful Use 2 certified. It can be deployed on internal servers for via the cloud as an SaaS.

Benefits and Insights

Why use OpenEMR?

Key differentiators & advantages of Open EMR

Reduce Costs

It saves clinics money, directly and indirectly. It is free to install, meaning clinics don't have an additional operations expense. It also automates processes like lab requests to improve efficiency and assists with billing and insurance to ensure all financials are properly taken care of.

Increase Patient Care Quality

Detailed patient demographics and a clinic decisions rule engine means a patient gets optimized, personalized care. Physicians get as much useful information as possible and tactics on how to act on it.

Better Organized Practice

Physicians can handle all aspects of their clinic from a centralized location. Patient records, financials and scheduling can all be handled on the same platform.

Optimize Patient-Doctor Communication

Patients and physicians communicate and otherwise provide each other relevant information to best treat ailments. A direct messaging platform centralizes communication within appointment scheduling and document and file sharing. Detailed patient records disclose things such as language spoken to give physicians insight into how to best establish trust and comfort.

Efficient Billing

Deep billing capabilities and integrations facilitate paying bills and coordinating insurance. It supports billing clearinghouses, utilizes an insurance tracking interface and can field insurance eligibility queries.

Open Source

The application's source code is free to download and alter. Extended modules are available in a marketplace for free or purchase, and programming-savvy users can tweak the system as they need it for their clinic.

Industry Expertise

OpenEMR is a top EMR offering in the world, continuing to post monthly download rates above 3,000 nearly two decades after its initial inception. Its support community forum includes more than 1,600 users.

Key Features

Medical Industry Specialties!


A comprehensive schedule keeps appointments and commitments organized. Clinics can create repeating events, check-in's, triggers that automatically schedule new events, patient reminders and more.

Patient Demographics

Fully customizable patient files give clinics the information they need to successfully communicate with and treat their patients. Users can track primary information all the way down to granular HIPAA information, language and ethnicity help doctors and patients stay on the same page.

Lab Integration

It allows lab orders to send automatically and the results to be automatically be added to a patient's chart.


It can generate reports, both clinical and financial. These include CMS Meaningful Use reports, prescriptions, patient lists, ordered procedure statistics, sales, referrals, insurance eligibility and more.


Fully HIPAA compliant security means employees and patients see what they are allowed to see. Role-based menus and database encryption ensure information stays private.

Electronic Medical Records

In-depth patient records let doctors make informed decisions about treatment options for their patients. Treatment providers can log all encounters, medications, procedures and more with notes, dated reminders and patient direct messaging

Clinical Decision Rules

A customizable engine facilitates patient algorithm navigation. It can provide reminders to both patients and physicians, produce clinical quality measure and automated use measurements.

Patient Portal

Patients can log in to the system to provide information like medications and allergies, make appointments and complete payment. They can contact their physician through direct messaging.


At the time of this review's publication, these are the limitations of Dr. Pad according to user feedback:

  • Does not provide native mobile apps
  • It does not support HL7 patient and waveform data consumption
  • Does not allow restricting user abilities when viewing or editing inventory of warehouses without additional coding
  • Does not support Medical Administration Records

OpenEMR Suite Support

OpenEMR, being open source, relies on its community of users and vendors for the majority of its support. It maintains a list of more than 30 vendors and developers for professional support options in at least 10 countries. It has modest internal options including a community forum, a chatbot, a Slack channel and a Telegram chat. Standard support options are outlined below:

Email: Email support is not provided.
Phone: Phone support is not provided.
Training: The vendor offers documentation and how-to's on its website. It links to some tutorials from third-party vendors that can provide further hands-on implementation and training assistance.